Sunday, March 11, 2007

What you´ve seen her is just the beginning: 3d worlds; game3.0

Like Ton (interdependent thoughts) mentioned earlier: Sony Goes 3D with PS3

In all the hype around Second Life you can sometimes forget that the real message is that 3D is now becoming a usable technology. Communities of people feel much more at ease if their synchronous communication takes place in a 3D immersive environment than when it happens in flat environments like chatrooms of fora.

Here´s the product presentation:

But more important: Sony's Phil Harrison in GDC 2007 Addressing some new Playstation 3 features like Home and Little Big Planet

It´s only the game industry ecosystem; might be that they have a first mover advantage!; - but: very powerful!
It´s all about social interaction, community, collaboration, static game content vs. connected device!
the adoption of this features will be very fast, I guess!

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