Saturday, March 17, 2007

Second Life destroys first Enschede (Netherlands) again!?

Fireworks of emotions right now ...

The local press adresses this problem.

Een aantal verontruste inwoners van deze kleurrijke stad hebben hun krachten gebundeld, en zijn een offensief gestart tegen het virtuele second-enschede.

Compare this blog!

... There must be something between first an second life, I guess ...
misschien een dorpsrelletje ;^

via email; bedankt!


Ton said...

Hi Max,
Dorpsrel seems to be the right word yes. Interestingly enough, though usually confused in the local newsrag, the First Enschede actions are not aimed at the Second Enschede group, but at SL in general. It's just that the Second Enschede initiative has emerged around the same time the First Enschede group started their campaign. Also it seems to be part of a guerilla marketing attempt, though its aim is currently not quite clear. All in all I think it causes more confusement than getting a message across.

Full disclosure (you might not have realized): I am the one writing the Second Enschede blog you linked to.
And you know where I stand concerning SL.

Anonymous said...

Before it gets started to be too hot and become explosive...

Might be that my (for non-locals not recognizable) description of the events was a little inappropriate. - But I felt o.k. with this as a recipient of a European medal because I helped at the fireworks in my function as a German Red Cross member.

I only wanted to ensure that this discussion, because it is worthy of note! Why? Because it is relevant for the development of local identity, development of a town as a knowledge area and a town that is able to cope with (further) developments in the digital society. BTW: I think that we share convictions concerning SL (as you know). And it shows Enschedes´ awareness relating to this topic.

For the rest: I am very envious that there is this interesting debate at the other side of the intereuropean border in our goodregion. Compared with Münster is the groundbreaking consciousness you - as Dutch people - be aware very interesting. Might be because you are at the place where land and water (two elements) are in touch. I only can state a fundamental difference between Münster and Enschede.

But I really find that it`s a good attitude to include the german audience in this discussion by presenting Heino on the webspace of first Enschede (; het is niet aan de kust; en zeker niet de zeeuwse kust; - maar: Enschede aan zee! Maar onder dit title was mij dit liedje ook tot zover onbekend ... nog een confusie …