Thursday, August 18, 2005

Interdependence vs. Egomensuralism? [volatile thoughts]

Beyond Interdependence vs. Egomensuralism

Between personal / local infoclouds and communities:
Ongoing work-process …

Egomensuralismus. Richtung der Postmoderne – Ein Paradox

With special thank to Ulrike Stehling, former dogma-secretary [girl Friday] for this nice creation [Wordperfect 5.0 ?], the suggested review-quotes and great companionship.

10 years later and with the input of the web 2.0 experience more based …

Why this? – Because of good culture and school in old Europe! THX to Herlibert and the Saint!

[Schule? Eben gut nachrechnen! A-Frage; gemeine
Bedeutung; aber LIEB gemeint!];

Greetings to my crazy Heidegger -Reader-Classmates!

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