Monday, January 12, 2009

The World is Flat: Thomas L. Friedman

Thomas L. Friedman describes i.e.

10 Flatteners
1. 11/9/89 Berlin Wall came down windows Operating System upsing - see think of world as one - there was a wall before
2. 8/9/95 Netscape browser brought the internet alive people could connect to each transmission protocols - interoperability , triggered the dotcom boo - overinvestmentment into fiberoptic cable - keeps giving made Bejing Bangalor connected - glut of fiber allowd free communication
3. Workflow all software from standards - allows the work to flow - applications did not connect - 90s people are able to work together
Genesis moment: Netscape revolution people allowed to connect communicate ; Workflow more apps connecting -> we careated was a global platform for multiple form of collaboration. More people could collaborate and connect on more stuff than ever before that was the genesis moment.
Additional 6 new forms of clooaboration
4. Outsourcing 5. Offshoring 6. Open sourcing - new form of collaboration, Open University - of MIT 7. Supply chaining - Walmart dont make anything - created an efficiant - making easy - supply chain tough 8. Insourcing 9. Informing - Google - collaborating search collaborate with data
Flatteners 1-3 created the new platforms of multiple forms of collaboration;
10. "Steroids" - Wireless, VoP, FileSharing - turbocharging the other forms


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