Saturday, July 23, 2011

I ♥ wireframes

#foreverworkWireframe P2P2011-06-23_15-08-29_566Страница каталогаИнтерактивные элементы главной страницыСтраница описания товара
Wireframe: NotíciasWireframe: EmpresaWireframe: ServiçosWireframe: ContatoWireframe: IndexWireframe: Clientes
Initial ideas for my new blog designmy_way_fb_application_3Concentration as the photos come together for Communicating the UX.ing_landing_page_conceptdrink_and_drive_viral_fb_game_conceptmy_way_fb_application_2
my_way_fb_application_1strong.pl_temporary_website_schemeMy Clinical Outcomes
I ♥ wireframes, a group on Flickr.

There are some persons who believe that they are "looking at the concrete proof that wireframes can actually look good and work as well as old school architectural plans" like +Oliver Reichenstein does. Really interesting. ...